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Print. It’s still the preferred choice in getting noticed. Your job is to reach your audience and inspire them – to make a donation, attend a conference, join a cause, or take action. Partner with CP Direct; and we print materials that drive your message - directly into your customers’ hands. On time, every time.

Scan a few websites for our friends in the printing industry and you might ask: what do these people really do? How do they describe their business? As a company proud to provide print services, or a “marketing and communications” firm?

By trade, CP Direct is a printing company. Our tools of the trade? Equipment specifically designed to produce your message with speed and efficiency. Superior customer service. And a culture that practices integrity with respect to the environment and our impact on it today, tomorrow and the future.

Call us today and share your mission with us. You’ll be glad you did – and so will we.


It’s Easy being “Green”

It’s hip to be “green” these days.
We love the attention given to environmental issues, but...
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