Eco-friendly, Every Day

It’s true – CP Direct uses a lot of paper! On any given day, our inventory holds between 1 and 3 million pounds of paper. But the proof’s in the pulp. We purchase our inventory directly from national paper mills that promote sustainability, and are dedicated to manufacturing planet friendly papers from renewable resources.

As responsible stewards within the printing industry, CP Direct seriously considers the effect the resources we use have on the environment. We’re committed to doing our part to leave a plentiful legacy for generations to come – by practicing conservation.


Our customers who desire safe, environmentally sound products can rest assured that:

  • CP Direct embeds a stringent policy of recycling waste, overruns and chemicals onto our employees, ensuring we make an eco-friendly impact during production as well as further downstream.
  • Much of the paper we use contains at least 10% to 30% PCW, and in some cases as much as 100% PCW. We maintain one of the largest inventories of recycled paper on the east coast.

  • The paper we use is always acid and chlorine free, and very often may be made from recovered fibers that has would have normally taken space in a landfill – such as coffee cups, ice cream containers, magazines, undelivered mail, and catalogs.

Our Services

Direct Mail

Count on us to manage the complex process of printing direct mail products that drive revenue to their businesses.

Commercial Print

Our equipment and expertise allow us to provide end-to-end services for the production of all of your organization’s printed materials

Additional Services

CP Direct has partnered with reliable vendors to deliver additional services we don’t offer under our roof.

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